How To Find A Niche For Your Website

When you are looking to build an online business one of the hardest things can be how to find a niche for your website, it can get frustrating and time consuming, but there are ways of cutting through these obstacles, and today I am going to share with you a top tip to find a niche quickly and easily.

I will include a Video walk through so that you can actually watch how it is done, and witness how simple it really is, and we are going to use a very popular site to find endless niche markets for our online business.

What Is A Niche?

It can be a little confusing because we do sometimes tend to over think this stuff and make it more difficult for ourselves than it has to be.

A Niche is basically a segment of a market, the Health and Fitness Market is a very large market, but if we take a small segment of that market, such as ‘How To Get A Six Pack’ then we are concentrating on a niche within the larger market, we would be specializing if you like on one section of a large subject.

This will give us much more chance of attracting traffic because a search for the term Health and Fitness is going to be hard to rank for in the search engines, where as ‘How To Get A Six Pack’ will be easier, although it is advisable to drill down even further.

  • Health and Fitness: About 901,000,000 results
  • How To Get A Six Pack: About 88,600,000 results
  • How To Get Flat Six Pack Abs: in 30 Days: About 220,000 results

Those are the search results and competing websites in Google at the time of writing this post, as you can imagine it will be a lot less difficult to rank for the lower keyword phrase, than the top two phrases. Your traffic, or a good chunk of it relies on you getting ranked in the search engines with your website, so your Niche Keyword Phrases are important.

Pick A Passion

It is often said  and is a good idea to pick a topic that you are passionate about, or you actually do as a hobby, this way you will know a lot about it, and also will be interested in it. Your passion about the topic will also show through when you are creating content for your website. So a website based on a personal passion would make a good first niche, but it is not compulsory because there are so many niches, you can build a website about pretty much anything and make money with it.

The place where you can find your many niche ideas is also a place that you can make money with your niche by promoting products from that website straight from your own website and get paid a commission when someone clicking through from your site buys a product.

Video Lesson

The video lesson shows you the top place online for products that you can promote whilst also finding a niche that you are happy with, but it also shows you another resource that will give you ideas for different niches. Also the easiest way to find other affiliate programs that are within the niche you decide to choose.

There are opportunities to make money within any niche, and in this video lesson you will realize how easy it is to find and explore any topic and drill down to a level where you can specialize and create a profitable online business.

If you are still having problems with finding a niche that you are happy with, don’t worry because at the end of the video you will find out how you can build a business around a pre-selected niche.