How To Sell Ebooks

A couple of years ago I wanted to know how to sell ebooks and it took me a while to find out the best places to sell, so I thought I would write a post that would point you in the right direction of selling your e-books, that is if you have any to sell. There are many platforms online that you can use to sell ebooks, but I am going to share the ones that are working for me, so if this subject is up your street, then read on…

If I share with you all the different places you can use for your ebooks, then this post would be about a mile long, so this is the condensed version with several places that will get you started, and you can always add more later. I will tell you each one I use, how easy or difficult it was to publish, and what kind of results I have experienced.

When you get bestseller status things just snowball and books just fly off the digital shelves, pity I haven’t got that yet then