A Free Way To Make Money Online

I am often asked “What is a Free Way to Make Money Online” and it is a feasible question because there are plenty of frustrated people that are told a method is free, only to find out that they have to spend money to make it work. There are loads of ways to start an online business that will cost only a minimal amount upfront, but costs are involved.

So is there really a way to start online and actually make some money without actually spending any money?

It’s Free

The answer to the question above is, Yes. I have come across a few in the past, and whilst they will not cost you anything to get started, or even cost you anything once you are up and running, they do not tend to make you any money either, so what is the point, right!

I wanted to find something that would not only be free, but also make you some money, and it was not an easy task, I spent a lot of time searching without any results. You may be wondering why I am writing this post, if I did not get any results.

While it is true that I did not get any results through my searching, I did have a sudden blast from the past that served me well, something that made me some money and cost me nothing. That was exactly what I was looking for, so let me introduce you to .. Drum Roll ..

Writing Content

I know, you are a little let down after that drum roll and all, but don’t be because this is real and it does work. When I first started online I looked at a lot of ways to make some money, and stumbled across a few things that did work and it was as simple as writing some content and loading it up to certain websites.

Now this method did not make me rich, but it did make me enough to finance some of the tools and services I needed to progress online, so I guess I used it as a stepping stone. I used the following websites back then, Ehow, Associated Content and Infobarrel, all of which let me earn from the content that I shared on their websites.

These sites are well established, have good rankings in the search engines and obviously get a lot of traffic. This means that the content that you create and share on these sites has a good chance of getting plenty of readers, whilst also earning you a share of the advertising revenue.


You knew that was coming right!

Like I said this was a method I used several years ago which made enough to help finance my online business expenses, but there have been a few changes since then, some good, some not so good.

Ehow do not seem to be participating anymore, meaning that you cannot earn a passive income for the content that you provide.

Associated Content became Yahoo voices and then shut its doors, so no longer exists.

InfoBarrel is still going strong and have improved the way you get paid, see, some good news  When I created and added content to infobarrel you had to have your own Google Adsense Account to earn revenue from the advertising. This was fine for me, but there were a lot of people that could not get an adsense account for what ever reason, so infobarrel made it easier to accommodate those people.

They still share the ad revenue, but there is no need to have your own adsense account, all you need is to add your Paypal email, and most people have a Paypal account, if not it is easy to set one up. This has made this form of generating an income accessible to everyone.

Simple Easy Way To Make Money Online

Although this is a simple and free method of earning a passive income online, don’t get carried away and think you are going to make a mint overnight. This method is real, but you cannot expect to create one or two articles and the money will roll in. Just like anything you need to be consistent and give it some time, then you will see results.

This is one of those methods where you do the work and then let it keep rewarding you time and again, and the more content you create, the more rewards you will receive. Every article you write and upload is a piece of work that can keep paying you month after month.

This is a great side line that can turn out to be a good earner, depending on how much you put into it, there are people that have taken the time to create a lot of content that enjoy three and four figures every month. I am going to create some fresh content and rejuvenate my own account at Infobarrel, its a no brainer and every passive income stream adds to the overall total.