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How To Embed A Video In WordPress

Sometimes we want to add a video to our posts to add a little more richness to our content, but not everyone knows how to embed a video in WordPress. Whether it is a video we have created ourselves, or just a video we like on Youtube, the process is the same, and it is very easy to do.

It is just a matter of grabbing a few lines of code which is displayed on a tab under the video and pasting it into our post or page on our website. It literally takes a couple of minutes ..

Embed A Video

I will use Youtube as the platform to get my video and embed it here on this post, but it is similar process with other video sharing sites, most have the code located below the video, which can be copied and then pasted into your website.…

Free Responsive Website Templates

It is easy to find free responsive website templates and it can be done right from your WordPress dashboard in a matter of seconds, although choosing which one to use may take a little longer as the choice is big. In case you did not know a responsive theme is one that responds and changes depending on what browser or device it is being viewed on.

If you are not using a theme that responds, then your website may not load properly or be functional in different browsers or on different devices, so it is important to check your theme to see if it is responsive.

Friendly Website Themes

Although these type of themes have been around for a time now, and the use of tablets and mobiles for browsing the internet is common practice, the search engines are now taking into consideration the responsive aspect of websites when it …

How To Get A Free Website Picture

Pictures are a big part of websites and blogs these days, but when you start out online and build your first website, one of the first challenges is how to get a free website picture for your posts, mainly to keep your expenses to a minimum. The trouble is that it is hard to find free images online that are not subject to copyright.

You do not want to search for images and just download them and add them to your posts because most of them will have copyright properties, and you would be effectively stealing those images, which could land you in hot water, so be careful.

Free Images Websites

There are loads of websites that state that their images are free, just do a search and there are plenty that will pop, in fact I just did a quick search and it returned 325,000,000 results, pick the …

How To Find A Niche For Your Website

When you are looking to build an online business one of the hardest things can be how to find a niche for your website, it can get frustrating and time consuming, but there are ways of cutting through these obstacles, and today I am going to share with you a top tip to find a niche quickly and easily.

I will include a Video walk through so that you can actually watch how it is done, and witness how simple it really is, and we are going to use a very popular site to find endless niche markets for our online business.

What Is A Niche?

It can be a little confusing because we do sometimes tend to over think this stuff and make it more difficult for ourselves than it has to be.

A Niche is basically a segment of a market, the Health and Fitness Market is a …

Make A Video

Is it time for me to make a video? I think it could be because many people like video and you have to provide what people want, so I have decided it is time to start making videos to go with some of my blog posts and pages. This could be interesting …