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Income Opportunity – Home Based Business

An Income Opportunity is always appealing, and finding one that is a home based business is the best type to find, but do they exist? Although there are a lot of opportunities that do not deliver and some that are outright scams, it is possible to find one that does work, and you can build from home.

In fact, you can run it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection and a device to connect to it with, like a laptop or tablet. This is the internet age and more and more people are finding out that it really is possible to not only make money online, but build a sustainable business that will provide a lucrative income.

The Business Structure

It really is a pretty simple structure and one that builds with every piece of work you produce, and as long as you build it on …

Make Money Writing Online

There are many people that make money writing online, and if you can establish yourself as a good writer, then it can be pretty lucrative. The trouble is that there are so many doing it now, that the price for writing has tumbled compared to what it use to be, but all is not lost.

There are companies that still pay good money for articles, stories and guest posts for websites, but they look for quality and of course original content. If you have a knack for writing, then this is still a great way to make some money online.

Finding Writing Jobs

To find writing work can be as easy as going to a search engine and typing in a search term that relates to writing, and of course work. There are the obvious places where you can find work, like Fiverr and iWriter where you can pitch for …

Get Paid Social

I am always looking out for simple ways to make some money online that I can share with my readers, that’s you  Sometimes I come across a new opportunity that looks interesting, but because it is new it has no history, so I join and see if it performs. I have just come across Get Paid Social and it is so new that it has not even officially launched, it is still in Beta mode.

It actually launches very soon and I will obviously give it a good trial and see how it performs, then I will write a post explaining the results and if it is worth your time and effort.

How To Get Paid Online

There are so many opportunities online, some good and some bad, and although I am a big believer in building a real business online, there are some other fun ways to add some …

A Free Way To Make Money Online

I am often asked “What is a Free Way to Make Money Online” and it is a feasible question because there are plenty of frustrated people that are told a method is free, only to find out that they have to spend money to make it work. There are loads of ways to start an online business that will cost only a minimal amount upfront, but costs are involved.

So is there really a way to start online and actually make some money without actually spending any money?

It’s Free

The answer to the question above is, Yes. I have come across a few in the past, and whilst they will not cost you anything to get started, or even cost you anything once you are up and running, they do not tend to make you any money either, so what is the point, right!

I wanted to find something …

Check My Gmail Inbox And Other Distractions

This was the first thing I did everyday ‘check my gmail inbox’, which is fine, but it has a habit of sucking you in and wasting a lot of your time. Before you know it an hour or so can just disappear and you feel like you have not accomplished anything.

I know it is important to check your emails, but it can sometimes be at the expense of your work. This post is about getting the most out of your day when you are working online to build a business. The more productive we are the quicker we can reach our goals, and all the noise that comes from our inboxes and social media can slow that productivity down.

The Inbox Devil

There lies a little devil inside our inbox and it goes by the name of procrastination, it will drip feed you plenty of distractions that will pull …