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Easy SEO Guide – How To Rank Your Content

It can come across as a bit complicated, but it doesn’t have to be and there are several things you can do with your pages and posts to get them ranked in the search engines, and in turn receive some good traffic to your websites. This is a quick and easy SEO guide, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, and will help you in making your content search engine friendly.

These are simple steps that can be done whilst you are preparing your content, and if you get into the habit of performing these steps for all your posts, although they are the basics, you will be making sure your content is SERP’S friendly.

What is SERP’S

It is the Search Engine Results Pages, and is basically the list of results that appear on a page from a search using what are known as keywords. So if you search …

What Is An Email List & Why Are They Important

We have all heard that the money is in the list, in fact you have probably heard it many times, but did you take any notice of this well known phrase? I am going to answer two questions in this post  – 1. What Is An Email List? And 2. Why Are They Important?

If like me it took you a while to take action on building a list, or if you have not yet even considered it, then hopefully by the end of this post you will reconsider and get building. There is a reason why so many marketers have coined that phrase to people for many years now, and the reason is because it is true.

What Is An Email Marketing List?

It is a collection of email addresses collected by an individual or a company for the purpose of staying in touch with the people behind those …

Cookie Monsters

This will not be a long post, it is just to inform you, my readers about the new Cookie information I have added to this website. By law I have to comply with the EU Directives if my website can be seen in Europe, which it can, I would imagine all websites can be seen in Europe.

If you would like more information about cookies and how they work, then Google explains in depth how they work and why they are used.

The Google Cookie Page

Originally a cookie was a small piece of data sent from a website being viewed to the users browser and stored for further viewing later, which is why when we start to type a previous visited URL into our browser it remembers it after just a few letters. There seems to be more to it than that now, and  Wikipedia do a pretty good …

Is Pinterest The Best For Traffic

Social media is important for generating traffic and creating awareness for your website and brand, and with the ever growing amount of social platforms to choose from, I have a question .. Is Pinterest the best?

Facebook and Twitter are of course very popular and may still be the chosen ones, but there are several other platforms that are biting at their heels, and I have noticed something that I was not expecting when looking at which one has been performing the best when it comes to getting eyes to my website.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

The most important thing for any website is to get traffic, and social media is a way of generating traffic, it is great for getting your brand seen and building a following, so it has to be part of any marketing strategy online. Is Facebook still the leader and the platform to concentrate on …

What Niche Is Best?

There are literally millions of markets to choose from when you are thinking about starting an online business, but what niche is best when it comes to creating a successful business with a substantial income?

Is it the one you love and know a lot about? Is it the one that has least competition? Or is it the one that is making the most money worldwide?

My Top 3 Niche Markets

These are not necessarily the actual top niche markets, but they are my top 3 markets, and I have been in two of them before, without much success I might add.

Weight Loss

This is a big market and is worth around $60 Billion in the US alone with Global figures topping $500 Billion, so a small slice of this market would be a pretty penny. The trouble is that there are many large companies competing in this market and …