Create Your Own Passive Income

Is this online thing all about the business of selling? Or is there more to it, and if so what else is there? A business by its very nature has to sell, otherwise there would be no income, and if there is no income, then there is no business. Whether it is information for sale, physical products or a service (for example, issuing loans, as on the website), it all boils down to sales.

There are a lot of websites on the world wide web, and a huge chunk of them are businesses that need sales for them to survive, they need the revenue, it is that simple. If you are building an online business, then as a website owner it is your duty to sell if you want to stay a float in the internet ocean and strive as an online business.

But you do need to provide…

Quality And Value

It is obviously important to provide quality and value to your website visitors and this has got to be your priority in the first instance. Your content and any products or services you sell or recommend must be of good quality and of course provide the potential customer with value, this is a must.

That being achieved, your next priority is to make sales, whether it is through your own products or other peoples products as an affiliate, sales are what will keep your website alive, which in turn keeps you providing for your readers.

This is a give and take scenario, give quality and value and you will be rewarded with sales, give low quality and no value and your sales will suffer as a result. Taking pride in your website will show through and your readers will enjoy the experience and return to soak up more of your content.

Being transparent is also not only the best policy, but the right thing to do, people do not like having the wool pulled of their eyes, but on the other hand are okay with business owners making a living, so disclose it.

Buying And Selling

This is what makes the world go around, exchange of money for goods or services is the way that we all survive. No matter who we are or what we do, at some point we are buying and at other times we are selling. We need things, so we will buy them, in return we will sell something in order to pay for those things we need, its a cycle.


The Necessities: We need things, like food, clothing and shelter, these are the essentials and we need them to survive in our modern society.

The Luxuries: We buy things like cell phones, holidays and cars, these are all items that we do not need to survive, but we want.

Self Improvements: I am not talking about DIY or home improvements, I am talking about things we can buy to help us improve personally, such as courses that teach us new skills, which in turn can improve our buying power and provide more luxuries.

Whether they are essentials, luxuries or education, these are just a few things that we will buy, but they do not pay for themselves we have to exchange money to obtain them, which means we have to sell something.


The Job: If we work for another company, whether it be low level or high level, we are selling our time in exchange for money, which we can then use to buy the things we need and the things we want.

The Business: The business owner will sell goods or services in order to make money to buy the things they need or want. This is the same whether it is an offline business or an online business.

Something has to be sold in order to buy the things we need, and the more we sell, the more we can buy.

Business Is Business

Which ever way you look at it, we are all in business in one way or another, from the person who sells their time, to the massive retailer.

For those of you that are browsing the internet, if you were not aware of it before, then you will now realize that most of the websites you land on are going to be a business of some kind. Facebook is a business, Google is a business, Youtube is a business (now part of Google), and of course this website and all the others like it are a business.

For those of you that are looking to make some money online, even if it is just for some extra cash to improve yourself, know from the start that you are a business and you will need to make sales in order to make that money.

Of course you will also find plenty of information, products and services that will guide you with the starting and building of an online business right here on this website, so be sure to return as new content is added regularly to help you move forward and succeed.