Products To Sell From Home

Whether it is a physical, a digital, your own or someone else’s, there are always products to sell from home and the easiest way to achieve this is online. I am going to go through some of the many things we can sell online and all from the comfort of our own home.

The Home Based Business Opportunity On The Internet

It’s a long subtitle I know, but it is exactly what is possible for anyone that has an internet connection and a computer, it’s an opportunity for everyone and it can all be done from home. This is how you can bring out the entrepreneur within you, and do it with little risk and little investment on your part. This is how you can increase your earning potential and may be even give up the nine to five, the sky really is the limit, ask Mr Amazon.

Apart from the computer and an internet connection all it takes is a product and a platform to sell on, simple.

Pretty much any product you can think of, whether you own it or not, can be sold online and bring in revenue.

Where To Sell Online

We know it is possible to sell things online, but where are the different places that we can do this?

I will separate a few different type of products and then match them with a few different type of platforms online where they can be sold.

Physical Products: These can be sold from a variety of platforms online, and there are a few different types of physical products ..

1.Your own products that you have bought and paid for and will sell on for a profit, you have these in your possession and will package and post to your customers.

You can sell these on third party websites like Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Bonanza, Craigslist, facebook and Ebid, although there are plenty more, as well as your own website.

2. Drop ship products, these you will sell before you pay for them, and they will be packaged and sent by your drop ship supplier.

Just as above you can sell these on third party websites, as well as your own website.

3. Affiliate products, these belong to someone else and you promote and send people to these products, and then receive a commission for the sale. These will be packaged and posted by their owner.

You can sell these from your own website, or by sharing links to these products in social media sites and the like, but you will not be able to sell these on the likes of Ebay and Amazon or other sites like them, as they do not allow it.

Digital Products:  These can be sold from a few different platforms and are products that do not exist physically and are delivered electronically, and downloaded by the customer, there are different types of digital products ..

1. Information Products and Ebooks, it is easy to create your own information products and of course write a book, or you can just sell other peoples as an affiliate.

Your own ebooks can be sold from your own website, or a third party website such as Amazon (in the Kindle Format), Smashwords, CreateSpace and many others.

2. Software and apps can also be sold and delivered electronically, and again you can sell these from a variety of places such as your own website, Amazon, Payloadz, PulleyApp, FetchApp and Gumroad, plus many more.

3. Mp3’s, Videos, Artwork and Photos can also be delivered electronically and can be sold in the same places as software and apps.

There seems no end to what you can sell online and there are always plenty of platforms that you can make use of to get your products noticed and sold online. Whether you make music, write books or take photos you can sell your products online.

Learn To Sell Online

It is very easy to get started online, if you decide to sell products through one of the above mentioned third party platforms, then it is just a case of setting up an account with which ones you decide on. Each company will walk you through the process and some even having training videos to give you the best chance of success, and/or forums and community support.

There is nothing difficult about setting up an account with these third party websites and getting your products online ready to sell to the world.