What Products To Sell Online – 6 Rules

When it comes to choosing what products to sell online it can be hard to pick the right ones, but it doesn’t have to be, and as long as you follow a few simple rules, then you will always pick the right products that will get you the results, and at the same time serve your customers with value.

I always like to promote only products that I will know be of benefit to my readers and subscribers, bring them value and help them learn and grow. There are 6 rules that I follow to make sure that any product that I want to share is going to benefit the people that I share it with.

The 6 Rules To A Great Product Choice

Being an affiliate marketer can be very lucrative, but it is not good practice to earn your commissions at the expense of your audience, which is why it is so important that I choose the right products to promote. Making a commission on a sale is obviously a great thing, and when you are serving up great products to help others it is even better, its a win for you and a win for the person that buys through you.

I like to stick to a plan when I come across a new product that I want to share, its a straight forward plan that is easy to follow and is made up of 6 steps ..

1. Moral Authority

Now I am not going down any power or religious road here because I know that the statement ‘Moral Authority’ can be linked to these things, instead I am simply using the statement as an adherence of truth. My meaning behind this is that the product that you wish to share with other people should be a quality product that holds value for those that purchase it; a true product.

Promoting inferior products for a quick buck is not the best way to help people, so a product you intend to share needs to be something that you believe in 100 percent and you know will help people.

2. Massive Appeal

I like a product that appeals to the masses, one that can be useful to many people across a wide variety of types, an example might be a product that shows you how to  make some extra money. A product that shows people how to do this is going to appeal to the masses, I mean, how many people don’t want to earn extra, right!

3. Massive Value

The best products are the ones that provide value to your life, ones that are worth investing in because they make a difference to your current situation, and improve on where you already are in life. A product that can transform a persons life is a product of value and one that I want to promote because like I said earlier, its a win win situation.

4. Customer Support

No matter how good the product is there are sometimes when customers need support for whatever reason and when this is no where to be found it is frustrating. Great customer support is an important factor to think of when you are going to promote a product, it not only gives your customers the right service, but you piece of mind knowing that they will be looked after if something does go wrong.

5. Great Commissions

When you find a product you believe in and you know it holds value for your customers, it is obvious that you are going to promote it in a big way which could involve a lot of time and money, so it makes sense that you would expect some good returns.

The best type of affiliate products are the ones that you can make a decent amount on the initial sale, and then some kind of commission in the future through other add on products, or a recurring commission.

6. Big Competition

I know there is a place for small niche products, but when a product appeals to the masses, it is pretty much going to be promoted by a lot of affiliates and although that means big competition, this is a good thing. It is better to promote a product that you know people want, than one that is not very popular, and the competition does not have to affect you, if you make sure you stand out from the crowd in your marketing efforts.

Best Products To Sell online

If you follow these rules and pick products that you believe in, have mass appeal, provide value to the customer, and have good customer support, then you will be picking the best products to sell online. You will also benefit from great commissions whilst providing a great product that you know you can trust to deliver.

There are plenty of products like this online, it just takes a little investigation to make sure they fit into the criteria I have laid out, and if you take the time to do your homework, then you can promote with piece of mind.

One of the best ways to really make sure a product is worth promoting is to actually buy it yourself and that way you know what your customers can expect from it. You will get the best results in sales from those products that you have experienced yourself because it will come across in your promotional efforts that you have used it or are using it.

I hope you like my simple 6 rules for finding what products to sell online as an affiliate, it does work well and it keeps your product choosing process organized.