What Niche Is Best?

There are literally millions of markets to choose from when you are thinking about starting an online business, but what niche is best when it comes to creating a successful business with a substantial income?

Is it the one you love and know a lot about? Is it the one that has least competition? Or is it the one that is making the most money worldwide?

My Top 3 Niche Markets

These are not necessarily the actual top niche markets, but they are my top 3 markets, and I have been in two of them before, without much success I might add.

Weight Loss

This is a big market and is worth around $60 Billion in the US alone with Global figures topping $500 Billion, so a small slice of this market would be a pretty penny. The trouble is that there are many large companies competing in this market and the only way to get your slice is to dig down deep and find a less recognized sub niche.

This is easy enough to do when you use good quality keywords tools, but is it a niche that you would feel comfortable with, and can you come up with plenty of content ideas?

Health & Fitness

Again another huge market and one that is just as hard to break into, but it is possible with a sub niche. This is one of the first markets I went into when I first started online, but I did not have the knowledge of keyword research back then and as much as I tried in this market, I did not dig deep enough into the niche itself, and my website structure was way to broad, meaning I was trying to compete against the big boys.

This is a niche I will consider in the future, but I will make sure to dig deep and find a good amount of keywords to target before I even start to think about building a website, up front research would be a must with this niche.

Make Money Online

We have arrived at one of the most talked about subjects on the internet, making money online. Just like the other two, this one is big, and it has a reputation of ‘Get Rich Quick Schemes’ Pyramid Schemes’ and Blood Sucking Guru’s’ Okay that last one may be a bit over the top, but I got carried away.

Anyway, is it a good market to enter?

I love the market which is why I have this website, but I also have other niche websites, so this site is a passion that I just had to follow, helping people make money online while making money online is a great passion in my mind. It is a hard market to crack, but not impossible.

I started this site as a two fold project ..

  1. Testing Wealthy Affiliate (WA)
  2.  Building this site as my WA project

I wanted to pick a hard market to crack to test the training at WA, this way I could give a first hand account of the training itself and my progress with this site. Now the training has proved great and I have used a lot of what I have been learning to grow my other niche sites too. As for this website, well time will tell, it is still fairly young, but it is gaining momentum and I am happy with its progress, so ‘watch this space’ as they say.

Your Perfect Niche

You may find that your perfect niche is a personal choice, and I would say that when starting out it is best to pick something that you are not only passionate about, but also know a lot about because that way you will have plenty of content ideas that you can match to good quality keywords.

It is easier to enter a smaller niche market at the beginning, get some results and then grow your niche portfolio from there, it is hard to crack a big market even when you have some experience, but at the beginning it can be frustrating and is often the reason why so many people quit.