Top Internet Niches

If you have taken note of my last blog post and are Planning for the New year, and if you have decided that your plan will involve building an online business, then you will more than likely be thinking about what the top internet niches are for your new business.

As you can imagine, there are literally thousands of niches and sub niches that you can choose from, but it is not always best to go for a niche that you think will bring in the most money. It is better to look at it from a different perspective and choose a niche that you will be comfortable with and can relate to.

The Big Niches

The big ones are probably the most profitable, and these include the weight loss market (analysis 2018), the dating market, the health and fitness market, loan partner sites, and of course the make money online market. All of these niches have the potential of generating a massive amount of income, and they do just that for lots of online businesses.

But, this does not mean that you should jump into one of these top niches because believe me the competition is massive, and the chances of you breaking one of these markets online is very minimal, unless of course you have a massive advertising budget that will get your business noticed and in front of the masses.

It is best to make your first niche something that you are passionate about, something that you like to talk about and share with others. This will not only give you the capacity to produce regular content, but also will keep you motivated to keep pushing forward and grow your business to the successful heights you want to see it reach.

If you just happen to be passionate about one of the top markets I have mentioned above, then all is not lost and it is possible to enter these markets, if you dig deep down inside the niche.

The Sub Niche

If you simply enter the weight loss market, then you will get swallowed up by the big boys who already own this market. Don’t get me wrong, it is possible to break through and become one of the big players yourself, but it will take a long time, and possibly take a lot of money in the process.

It would be far easier and take less time to break the niche down and pin point a certain sub niche within the main niche. So instead of hitting on weight loss, you could look at weight loss for the over fifties, or weight loss for teenagers. In the dating market, the same thing could apply, or any of the other top markets, those are just examples that came to mind as I am writing, but be inventive and write down the generic niche like weight loss and then branch off of this and write down other sub niches that come to mind.

Search for weight loss products on platforms like Amazon and see what other terms pop up, this can expose other sub niches you have not thought of. Go to your favorite search engine and type in the word ‘Weight Loss’ and see what other related searches show up, then pick one of them and do the same, this will keep drilling down into sub niches that you may never have heard of, let alone thought of.

The more you dig down into a generic niche, the less the competition tends to be, and the more room for you to get noticed fairly quickly. It will be possible to move into the more competitive areas of your niche once you have established yourself in your chosen sub niche because you will have an audience and plenty of traffic coming to your website.

Passion drives Business

The best niches can often be a hobby or interest that you may have, and often are not crowded markets, unless of course your only hobby happens to be Golf or something similar, in which case you will have to dig down and look for a sub niche. The point is that the best niche you could possibly choose for your business is something that you are passionate about, something that gives you a buzz and something that you love to talk about and share.

I am passionate about ‘the make money online niche’ and yes there is a mass amount of competition, but I entered it because I am so passionate about it, and my sub niche is Wealthy Affiliate because I know that it is the best place online to find out just how to create and build an online business. I was online and built websites before I even found the WA platform, but when I did find it and experienced how good it was, I decided to build this website around it as a sub niche of the making money online market.

This website is not only a guide designed to help other people make their way online, but also my progress of my time at Wealthy Affiliate, even though this site is in one of the most competitive niches online it is making progress and that is down to the training I have followed and still follow at Wealthy Affiliate.

I have other sites that do not fall in the category of the top ones mentioned, and they are all doing well, some I had before I joined WA, and some I have built using WA, but all have been improved by what I have learned whilst being a member.

Get Started

As I said in my post ‘Prepare Yourself For The New Year’, choosing your niche is a big part of that plan, in fact just like they advise at WA when you get started on the training, sit down and pick five things that you love, that is the starting point, and once you have done that you can then begin to drill down and pick a niche that you will be able to enter and make a difference in.

Just remember it all starts with your passions, if you just jump into a niche because you think it will make you the most money, then your time in that market will probably be short lived and you will dry up quicker than you may imagine. I know that because I did just that when I started out, and my business did not start to move forward until I entered into the niches that I have a relationship with, the ones that give me a buzz and I hold a passion for.