Top 5 Business Resources

Business just doesn’t happen by itself, there are things that any business owner has to do to get the results they want, which of course would be generating a healthy profit. There are tools and resources that help a business to grow and become successful.

It’s not always easy to find the right tools and resources to help your business and it can take some time to find the ones that fit your own business, which is why I am sharing my top 5 business resources here for you ..

My Top 5 Business Resources

I will list these in order of importance, and each one will compliment the other, so the first and most important resource any business needs is knowledge ..


One of the most important things with any business is actually knowing your business, getting the right training from the offset and gaining the right knowledge to take your business forward, but also keeping up with new developments and changes in your industry.

Wealthy Affiliate provides the core training for beginners as well as those that have been online for some time, helping to keep up with new techniques and changes. It is important to know what to do and how to do it, the training provides both, as well as having a large active community that is always on hand to help one another.

This is top training with a family atmosphere that leads to success online.


The search engines list websites and their content based on keywords and quality, so it is important to pick keywords that will get ranked as well as quality original content, this gives any website the best chance to get their content picked and ranked by the search engines.

This is the best way to get free traffic, an any online business needs traffic if it wants to be successful. This is where Jaaxy keyword Tool comes in to play, it is an online platform that gives the vital information website owners need to get their content ranked and getting traffic.

Enter a keyword and find out the chance of getting ranked for it, how much competition there is for that keyword and how much traffic you are likely to recieve once you rank for it. That is invaluable information to any website owner that wants to build a successful business.

A top tool for taking the guess work out of keywords.

List Building

Once you have a website up and running and you are using the right keywords to generate a decent amount of traffic, you then need to invite your readers to subscribe to your newsletter/mailing list. This way you can keep in touch with those readers and build a relationship with them, rather than them leaving your site and forgetting about it.

This is where an Autoresponder comes in, this is an online software platform that gives you the ability to design and install website forms that capture your readers details. These forms can also be used on landing pages and squeeze pages to do the same.

Once you are building a list the autorespender software lets you contact your whole list in one go, which means you can write an email and send it to your whole list with just one click of the send button, it does not matter whether you have 50 subscribers or 10,000, write one email and click send once and they all get it.

Getresponse is a top Autoresponder that helps with your list building.


It can be a slow process when you are building a list, especially if you are relying on your optin form on your website, but there are other ways to get subscribers. These methods will cost you a few bucks, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Solo ads are popular with some people, this is basically paying someone with a large list a fee for them to send an email on your behalf to their list. You can get optins from these, I have tried many and have always found the optin rate fairly low.

Giveaway’s are another way to get subscribers, these work by you using the giveaway platform to showcase a product that you own (normally an ebook) and giving it away for free, all they have to do to get it is optin, this is similar to an optin form on your own site, and if you pick a good giveaway event, then you can get a fair few subscribers.

Direct Leads are companies that will provide leads, the best ones are those that you join and become a member of, paying a monthly amount to receive an agreed amount of prospects either daily or weekly. These can be good because the optins are filtered down by interest, so you know by a percentage amount how interested these prospects are in what you are offering.

The one I use has an added bonus because although you can load these subscribers into your autoresponder, which is the point, there is an alternative to use their own mailer, meaning if you do not have an autoresponder yet, then you can still mail all your prospects from the members area.

A good quality lead generator.

Traffic Generation

Whilst building your online business you will use many techniques to generate organic traffic, which you will learn at Wealthy Affiliate. This is the best traffic as you are not paying for it, but sometimes you will need a boost, or just want to get more traffic to your website or offers.

There are the well known search engine Pay Per Click systems (PPC), which do get you traffic, but can be complicated and cost you more money than needed if you do not know how to use them properly. There is more PPC training in Wealthy Affiliate at the advanced end of the training.

There are ways to buy traffic that is targeted to your keywords, very inexpensive and very easy to set up and use. This can literally bring thousands of visitors to your website or offers, and although just like organic traffic some visitors may not stay long, others explore your website, optin to your mailing list and buy products. The one I use has performed well for me whenever I need a boost in traffic.

There is no business without traffic.


These are my top 5 business resources and have served me well, which is why I continue to use them everyday in my online business. Every business needs different resources and tools to be successful, they may cost a little to use them, but that is business, there are always expenses involved when running any business, the trick is to generate more than you spend.