The Number One How To Succeed In Business Rule

It’s a long title I know, and it is actually inspired by a quote from a pretty famous person that knows what the number one how to succeed in business rule is, he put it a little different, but he was talking about business. I believe that it applies to any kind of business, whether it is online or off line.

The person I am talking about is Warren Buffett, who is a world famous investor and one of the richest men in the world, so I guess he knows what he is talking about when it comes to succeeding. The quote is ..

“Rule No.1: Never Lose Money. Rule No.2: Never Forget Rule No.1.”

Two Rules To Riches

Now Warren Buffett is an investor and those are his only two rules to be a success in his trade, they have obviously worked well for him over the years. The quote is kind of obvious, we all know that we should never lose money if we want to succeed in business, I mean it is the opposite of doing well in any business.

So, then why have I decided to write a post around this quote, if it is so obvious, then we would all avoid losing money, its that simple. The trouble is that it isn’t that simple because plenty of people starting a business have lost money, including myself.

We have to spend money to make money, which means in the short term we are going to be losing money before we can counterbalance that with an income, the secret is to bring in more than we spend, so it becomes more about balance then.

The Basics Of Business

The basics of business are to create something of value, whether that be a product or service, it has to be of value to other people. Then we need to create a vehicle to sell that value, or monetize the value we have to offer to others. The more in demand the value we have to offer, the better chance we have of succeeding.

It is a straight forward and simple concept, if you have a skill or knowledge that will help other people, then you have something of value to sell, and people will pay you for the privilege of sharing it with them.

But just having something of value is not enough because unless people know about it, they are not going to want it. We could have something that people would love and find enormous value in, but if it only exists in our heads or is sitting on our computer hard drive, then we will remain the only one to know about it.

We have to create a way of getting our value in front of people, so that they can take advantage of it and we can be compensated for it.

How To Not Lose Money

Coming back to the quote, it is easy to say that the number one rule is not to lose money, especially when you are a multi billionaire, and I am sure that Mr B has lost on some of his investments in the past. What I take away from this simple quote is having the knowledge to plan a route that will see success at the end of it.

So although we need to have something of value to share with people, and we all have a least one thing we are really good at and can be seen as our value. The number one rule to me is the vehicle in which we use to expose that value to the world.

If you have a skill or a solution to a problem, then you have value to share, but how will you let the world know about this value. The things that spring to mind are of course advertising and marketing, that is the easiest way to promote your skill to the masses, but of course that can have a hefty price tag.

The Online Platform

The internet is probably the fastest growing business platform in the world right now, and the amount of money that changes hands online everyday is astronomical. It is the ideal platform to share your value with the world, but having the right plan in place to do this effectively is what becomes the number one rule in this case.

Any successful person that has made a significant impact on the world and reaped the rewards for their value will tell you that they had a plan, a system in place that gave them the ability to get their value to the people. Their number one rule was using the right vehicle to get the right exposure.

So what is our number one rule when it comes to sharing our knowledge and skills with the world?

The answer is simple, its a website, but it’s not that alone because we can all build a website, it is easier than ever before to get a website up and running, and it is easy to add our value to that website. The tricky part is steering that website in the right direction, to find the right people that will benefit from the value we are sharing.

This boils down to Training, learning the right skills and knowledge to build a real business online that uses our value to help other people around the world.

There is no point investing time in building a website if know one knows it exists, there are plenty of sites just floating around cyberspace getting no attention and no visitors, and some of them could have some life changing information on them, but still they just lay dormant.

It is far better to learn the right skills to develop that website and build a sustainable business that will serve those that visit is as well as you who own it.

You probably want to know where you can acquire these skills to build a real business online, it would be mean of me if I did not share that with you, especially as I am using it myself. You will learn the right skills in a step by step format of how to take your value and share it with the world.