The Consistent Pattern Of Success

I was inspired to write this post through my own learning, I am studying a course about success in all aspects of life, from our health and finances to relationships and happiness and I thought I would share something that makes so much sense, yet many of us fail to recognize it or just plain ignore it. It relates to all the different aspects of our lives and if we take note of it, and practice it, then we will enjoy a consistent pattern of success in all that we do.

This is based on how the majority of us go about the things we want to do in life or achieve in life, as opposed to what we should be doing in order to get and achieve what we want in life.

How To Avoid Success

There are of course exceptions to the rule, but I think you will recognize the pattern I am about to explain, you may even be guilty of it yourself, I know I am, but as the Dutch proverb says ..

“We grow too soon old and too late smart”

There are things that we decide to achieve in life, yet we put them off, we say we will start next week, or next month, or the classic is the beginning of the year (new year resolution), and when we finally do get around to doing them, we try to do too much too soon and lose interest and they fizzle out very quickly.

Sounds familiar right?

Some Classic examples are:

1. Weight Loss

A popular new year part time is to lose weight, the diet begins and we try to cut down our calorie intake by way too much, our body and our minds cannot sustain such a drastic change in lifestyle, and before long our calorie intake is on the rise.

Around 75 percent of all new years resolution last for only one week.

2. Learning a New Skill

Ever decided to learn a different language, or musical instrument? What happens, we start with good intentions and jump to it all excited, but soon realize that we may not be talking Spanish by the end of the week and our attention drops because the results are too slow.

3. Building Wealth

The time has come to get a promotion or change careers, we have dragged our feet for far too long, but we need to get some new qualifications. With good intentions we take a look at how to get them, but the pain of going back to school as it were and the time factor involved is just too much for us to handle and we soon lose interest.

We may decide to finally start that business on the side, but after a couple of months do not see our bank accounts exploding, so we think it is not going to work and quit.

They are just a few examples of how we are slow to get started on the things we want to achieve in life, yet quick to quit when we do not see the results we want. Some call this Patient/Impatient, meaning we are very patient to get things going, like we have all the time in the world, yet when we finally do get around to starting, we are impatient for the results we desire.

How To Meet Success

If we want to get the results we desire in life, no matter what it is, then we will have to flip it and become Impatient/Patient, that is how success is met, that is how we allow success in our lives; in all aspects of our lives.

I will use the same examples to show how to get the results we want and achieve success, instead of falling short and quitting.

1. Weight Loss

The first rule is to start right away, don’t wait until the new year, start now, but start small. If my average calorie intake was 3500 calories per day and I was overweight, then it means that I need to make a change, less calories and probably more movement.

If I try to knock off 1000 calories straight out the trap and run 15 miles each day, how long will I last? Yep, probably less than a week. But what if I knocked off 50 calories and walked 1 mile each day for the first week, and then continued to scale that a little each week? The shock would be minimal, I would barley notice it, which means it would be sustainable, and over time I would lose weight and get fit at the same time.

2. Learning A New Skill

I will never play the Guitar like Jimmy Hendrix in a week, just as becoming fluent in Spanish will not happen even in two months, but they are the results I somehow think are possible, even though logically I know they are not. But, I will never play the Guitar, or speak Spanish at all, if I don’t at least get started.

I have to be realistic with the time scale of forthcoming results, it is said that it takes around 18 months to learn a new skill.

I know, that is a life time right?

This will put a lot of people off and they will not even get started because 18 months is way too long for them to get the results they desire. The point is that 18 months will pass anyway, whether you use that time to learn the Guitar or not, we will all go through the same 18 months.

3. Building Wealth

Wealth is built over time, ask any wealthy person. I know there are some exceptions where fortunes have been blessed on some people overnight, but the normal pattern of building wealth involves time. Pick One Thing, get started, build slowly and be patient, just stick with your plan and time will take care of the rest.

Imagine that you are 50 years old, and at 18 when you first started work you decided that you would save 10 percent of your earnings. I bet if you do the Math, then you would have a substantial amount of money saved at the age of 50.

Time takes care of things if you put the right measures in place.

I am sure you can see that by reversing the way that most of us go about things in life, we can reverse the results that we typically achieve. Be quick to start, but be patient for the results and time will take care of it.

Apply It Online

When it comes to making money online, the standard practice is typically Patient/Impatient. Many people will spend an age looking for the best opportunity, which normally leads to confusion and information overload, then when they finally do get started, they want instant results. This leads to chopping and changing and getting no where fast, money gets lost, frustration turns to anger and they quit.

If we apply the Impatient/Patient way of doing things, then we will make money online, it may not happen overnight, but it will happen. Get started, learn the right way to do things, build slowly, have the patience to stick with it, and time will take care of the rest. Remember you will spend that time anyway, whether you chase instant results and get no results, or you build slowly and and see results over time.

I have been guilty of taking far too long to get started on things in the past, and then going at it like a mad dog, only to quit because results were too slow. What about you, have you been guilty of the same? Dare to Share? Then leave your thoughts below, I would love to hear from you ..