The Blog Post

A blog is all about activity, it is about creating fresh content on a regular basis and encouraging interaction from those that get to read it. The expectation of the blog reader is to find fresh content, and if they get this they will return again and again, but if they don’t, then it is adios my friend. So what is the blog post?

This is what you are reading now, it is similar to the time line on many social media platforms for the simple reason it gets updated regularly.

The Blog

A blog will have a front page that changes all the time because it is made up of posts that are for ever moving position.

I am writing this now, and it is known as a blog post because it will be published on the front page of this site and will become the top post on the page, until I write the next one and then this one will drop below that one, it will continue to drop down the order as I write and add more and more posts.

You can see now why I compared it to a social media timeline, it is constantly moving and the blog has fresh content being added all the time.

A blog can have pages too.

You will notice that there is a menu above that has links to different pages, these are static pages and will stay within that menu until I decide to remove them, but when my website name is typed into the browser it will arrive at this page, which is forever changing.

The Website

The regular website will have a static front page, with different menus that link to other pages, product sites use this popular format, and they may even have a blog page where there are different articles that get posted about the different products and offers, or news about the business. Although these websites may include a blog page, they are primarily a static website, because when you type the web address into the browser you will be taken to a static front page, type in Google and you will go to the same page every time.

How Often Should I Post

This is about personal choice, but most of the very popular blogs post on a daily basis, or even more than once a day, which can be hard to keep up, unless you have a team of writers. It is said that if you are posting daily or there about’s, then you will get favored by the search engines, get better rankings, which could lead to more traffic.

This may or may not be true, but it stands to reason that the more you post on your blog, the more content you have out there on the Internet, which in turn means more chance of getting noticed or ranked, and even more traffic. So how often should you post is up to you, I am trying to reach a post a day for this blog, but it is difficult to make this happen, although as you can see from the dates of all the posts, I am keeping it pretty regular.

Going by what I have learned through my time online, you need to be posting at least one post per week, minimum. If you can post two or three times a week, the even better, but just remember that the more you post, the more content you will have online. Once you have built up a good reputation and have managed to conquer the traffic monster (getting plenty of traffic), then I guess you can slow it down somewhat, but we all need to post, post, post as much as possible until this happens.

How To Structure A Post

The main thing to remember when writing a blog post is to make it easy to read, there is nothing difficult about this, in fact it is pretty easy, but many do not bother and then wonder why no one reads their posts, so here are a few things to keep in mind when writing your posts…

1. Headline: A good headline can be the difference between someone reading your content or not, but it can be hard to come up with super duper headlines for every post, so don’t even try because you will find time flying by at speed while you are spending to much of it on headlines. We often hear different things during our day that would make for a good headline or give us an idea for a blog post, write them down straight away or you will forget them.

Don’t put to much pressure on yourself to come up with killer headlines every time, but be alert and like I said, write things down when they come to you, and when you get a strong headline, make the most of it.

2. Images: We are a visual lot, we like images and a good image can attract us even more than a decent headline, so use an image with your headline, and then within your post. Make your images relevant to the content you are writing, you don’t need to saturate your content with images, but two or three to a post will break up the text and ease the eye of the reader.

Make sure you do not steal images that are copyright, make your own or buy them from one of the many sites that sell them.

3. Text: Give your text a break, in other words make sure you have plenty of white space in your post, this means short paragraphs with a break in between. There is nothing worse than a page full of text that has no breaks in it, not only is it hard to read, but it has no visual appeal, and you are likely to lose the reader, fast.

4. Headings: Split your post into sections with headings that describe what you are about to write in that section, make the headings text bigger than the post text, and if you want you can even make them a different color. Headings help to further space out the page to make it more readable.

5. Video: It is becoming more and more popular, and there is no reason not to add video’s to your content, even if it contains the same information as your written text because some people prefer watching a video instead of reading the text. But a video can just be something that enhances the post, or adds to it. Video will be a part of this site in the near future, I gotta keep up, right!

6. Comments: If your blog gets lots of comments, then it shows the search engines that there is more activity on your blog than just you writing posts. This tells the search engines that your content is popular and it will help your rankings, so use the end of each post to invite your readers to leave a comment, you can leave one at the end of this post to show your support for my content 🙂


It is all about providing information of value or entertainment, it is fun to run a blog, and it becomes even more fun when your blog starts to get noticed and you get readers interacting with your content by leaving comments. The more you enjoy what you are writing about, the more you will enjoy running your blog, which is why it is important to choose a niche you are interested in.

I enjoy this niche and get a lot of satisfaction out of helping others to learn how to build a business online, setting up and running a blog is not hard, but it does take up your time and you do have to maintain it.