Simple Blogging Tips

The common known blog started out life as an online journal, a personal account of an individuals life. But things have changed and blogging is now big business, so here are my simple blogging tips to get you started and on track to build your blog into an online blockbuster.

The best thing about blogging is that what you produce on your blog is always there for people to read and enjoy in the future, unless of course you take it down yourself.  So what you produce is kind of important if you want to build a business from your blog, because a successful blog does take some work, just the very nature of a blog is to keep it updated, and that means writing and producing new content.

So I am going to share a few things that in my opinion are a must if you want your blog to grow and indeed get the all needed search engine love.

Blogging is a Passion

When you start a blog it is always best to pick a subject/niche that you are passionate about, or at least like and have an interest in. If you do not like what you are writing and talking about, then you will not enjoy working on your blog and you will lose interest.

When you love something it shows and not only will you enjoy working on your blog, but your readers will pick up on your passion and be more engaged in your content, which brings me onto, well, content.

Posting to The World

What you post on your blog, the content that you share will serve you best if you take your time to make sure it makes sense. Is the spelling and grammar as good as it can be, I am not saying it should be perfect (I wouldn’t, otherwise you would pick me up on this post), but at least good enough that it can be read with ease and makes sense to the reader.

Is your content set out in an easy to read format? It is hard to read a long page of text that has long drawn out paragraphs and not much space to breathe.

Keep your paragraphs short with space in between and include some images, which I will go into shortly.

A new blog is going to take some time to get noticed and the more activity that the search engines see on your blog the more it will get noticed and get ranked, which in turn will attract more visitors and of course that means potential customers. So post regular and use the right keywords.

Using The Right Words

Pretty much all of your content becomes potential keywords which can help you get ranked in the search engines, or not. The most important keywords are your title and the tags you use to inform the search engines of the nature of your content, a bit like an item of clothing having a tag on it explaining what the garment is, the size and price, you get the picture.

It is important to use good SEO (search engine optimization) on your blog, so that it becomes a friend of the search engines. I will be going into more about SEO in other articles on this site, but for now you could do worse than get yourself a little well known plugin that will help with SEO.

Did I say Plugin?

Plugin into Some Power

A plugin is a little extension that you can plugin to your sight to add functionality and extend its power. There are thousands of plugins that you can add to your site, all doing different things. A lot are free, but there are some that will cost some money.

What are the best plugins to get for your site?

This differs from person to person, as we all want different things for our sites, but I will list a few here that you may want to consider to get you started. You can see how to install a plugin on your blog Here (coming soon).

  • SEO: I mentioned this above, and the one I use is The “All in One SEO Pack” by Michael Torbert.
  • Spam: Nothing worse than Spam, “Akismet” by Automattic is a plugin that protects your blog from comment spam.
  • Navigation: Search engines like a well constructed site so they can index it better. Get “Google XML Sitemaps” by Arne Brachhold.
  • Social: Be social and link your social networks to your site, I use “Social Slider” by Lukasz Wiecek (you can see it on the left of the screen).

Talking of being Social…

Social Media

We all know how important social media is now, big businesses use it for product awareness, and you should use it too. When you publish a new post share it on your Facebook and Twitter feed, and any other social media platforms that you have, this will spread your content further over the internet.

Put links to your website on your social pages and be active on the social media platforms that you use, try to make a point of increasing your followers and friends, the more you have the more exposure your site will potentially get. Just think how popular Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube are, and there are plenty more, they will only help your site.

Create the same theme across your social networks as your site, if they look similar it creates a brand, or image if you like. Talking of images…

Pictures Can Say More

Not the best link as I am talking about images as in pictures here and not the personal image I just mentioned, but I did try.

Images can have a big impact on your blog posts, they not only break up the text and make the whole post more interesting, but also they can say a lot, a picture paints a thousand words as they say. The main point though is that they do make your content more appealing than a page full of text.

Pictures are good, but be careful where you get them from because most are subject to copyright and could cause you problems if you just grab pictures from anywhere and use them on your site. Be sure to do your own research into this matter because I am not a legal representative and do not want to mislead you, so do obtain your own legal advice if you are unsure.

How do I get images then?

  • The best place to get images is to create your own by drawing or taking photo’s, but obviously you need to be a semi talented artist if you want to draw or paint. As for taking your own pictures, this is fine, but just be aware there are also laws concerning the publishing of photos that may have other people in, so again do your research.
  • Flickr is a great resource for photos, and some can be used freely on your site. Each picture on Flickr has a licence agreement and will inform you of whether it is okay to use that picture or not.
  • Stock Image sites are another place to get images for your site, there are plenty on the internet and you will find some decent free images with a bit of research, but most you will have to pay for, just do a search and you will find plenty to choose from.

Final Thoughts

That was just an overview of some simple blogging tips that will get you off to a great start with your blog and if you stick with them will show you great growth as you progress. I will go into more depth with some of the tips I have shared here on other pages of this site, I will put the links to those pages in the appropriate points within this post as I create them, so pop back.