Make Money Writing Online

There are many people that make money writing online, and if you can establish yourself as a good writer, then it can be pretty lucrative. The trouble is that there are so many doing it now, that the price for writing has tumbled compared to what it use to be, but all is not lost.

There are companies that still pay good money for articles, stories and guest posts for websites, but they look for quality and of course original content. If you have a knack for writing, then this is still a great way to make some money online.

Finding Writing Jobs

To find writing work can be as easy as going to a search engine and typing in a search term that relates to writing, and of course work. There are the obvious places where you can find work, like Fiverr and iWriter where you can pitch for writing assignments, but I will list a few others that may be of interest.

Blogging Pro

This site has a variety of jobs available for creating blog posts for a variety of different niches, from dating to health and fitness. There is editing work, copywriting work and even translating work. The job boards are updating daily and you can find jobs by category, it’s a good place to find freelance writing work.

Pro Blogger

This is a well known successful blog that has been around for a long time and is run by Darren Rowse who is seen as an authority in the blogging world. His famous blog now has a jobs board and is for connecting freelance writers with blogs that need articles and posts written for them, among other things like editing and publishing assistants.

Write Naked

You are allowed to wear clothes while you are writing, just thought I would clear that up first  This site offers guest blog writing opportunities with a set price of $50 per 450 – 650 word article. Although you can get $200 for an article that impresses the site owner, so do your best work. This site does sometimes close submissions if the back log gets too much, so not always available for those wanting to submit their first piece of work, but could be worth a little patience.


Here is something a little different for those that do a little more than write and are funny with it. This site not only wants articles, but pictures, infographics and videos too, but they need to be based around humor as this is a comedy type site. They do pay well, but are picky and strive for only the best work.

A Lucrative Income

If you love to write and create good content, then this really can be a good way of making a lucrative income online, and gives you the freedom to work when you want and where you want. I could have just listed the likes of Guru and Elance, or as I mentioned earlier Fiverr and iWriter, but there are so many people competing to get work on these sites, it not only makes it harder to get work, but also to get a good price for your work.

The ones I have listed above are well worth checking out, but it is worth doing your own research especially if you want to specialize. If you love to travel then there are sites that specialize in this niche, or there is the financial niche, education, food and drink, or even hobbies, the list is endless, just spend some time with your own research.

As I was doing my own research for this post I even submitted a short entry to Readers Digest just for fun, you only have to write a short piece up to 100 words about a true story and if it gets used then they pay you $100, not bad. My Wife Louise often says some daft things and I couldn’t resist submitting one of what we have come to call Louisms, it literally took five minutes.

Also if you have an inspiring or motivational story or poem, then the Chicken Soup for the Soul series accept submissions too and will pay up to $200, just make sure you read their guidelines (as with any other site).

The bottom line is that if you love to write and would love to make money doing so, then there are a huge selection of sites and platforms online where you can do just that, it just takes a little time spent researching and doing your due diligence, but the work is out there and you could enjoy being a freelance writer.