Make A Video

Is it time for me to make a video? I think it could be because many people like video and you have to provide what people want, so I have decided it is time to start making videos to go with some of my blog posts and pages. This could be interesting 😮 eek, I have to bite the bullet and just get on with it, so here are some of my thoughts about making videos…

I have created some “How To” blog posts and included simple graphics to make it easy for the reader to follow the step by step process, but I realize that some people prefer to watch an over the shoulder video of the steps actually being performed, so I see the need for me to fill that void, otherwise I am not providing the full experience for my readers.

My Video Concerns

There are a few things that scare the hell out of me when I think of making this kind of video, but I know that I have to go into that scary zone and get over myself. I have made videos before, but they have always been using pictures and text with a little background music, the kind you can make in Windows Movie Maker.

Now I have to think about a totally different kind of video making, and this kind brings with it a few concerns for me which I know just comes down to a confidence issue, yes I suffer from them too.

The Voice: I have never been confident of my voice and when you hear your voice back that confidence sinks even further, I have been told by several people in the past that I mumble when I speak which did not help with my confidence in my voice. Making an over the shoulder video means that I will need to talk through the video to explain what I am doing, so there is no getting away from it.

Personal Appearance:  I may have to be in front of the camera at some point and that comes with its scary issues, although I am confident of the way I look, I have no problem with this, it is just the fact that when you are put in a position to perform if you like, things don’t always go smoothly, will I get tongue tied? Forget to look into the camera? Come across boring?

These are concerns, but I know that I have to overcome them to progress, I know I could stay safe and stick to just text and images, but that would be a cop out and I am not going to do that and disappoint my readers.

Video Software Suite

I will say at this point, don’t expect a video to pop up tomorrow, I have to get the equipment first, so I will be spending some time over the next week looking at all the different options that I have when choosing a video software suite. I will also need to get a decent microphone as the built in one on my computer is not great, may be I could find a mic with a voice changing feature that makes me sound like a professional voice over artist 🙂

I think it best to spend a little time on this so I get the right equipment for the job, and then I will need to learn how to use it, this will give me a future blog post on ‘how to make a video using xxxxxxxx video software suite’. I will make a few experiment videos before I unleash the video master at work, on the world.

If you are interested in personal video appearances then just call this number, only joking!

Comfort Zone

It is time for me to leave my comfort zone to make some over the shoulder videos to add to the posts that I have already written, and to make new posts with, I will try not to cause you to much pain to you that view them 🙂

I know that fear only exists in the mind, I even write a blog all about how powerful our minds are, which just goes to show that even someone that studies how our minds work and how we can change anything through our minds can still have some fear issues, but I will not be conquered.

I am going to put a quote to the test “Success lies outside your comfort zone” and see if my video production success lies beyond the safe and secure comfort zone that I am hiding behind. I might even add my first experiment video to the end of this post, just for your entertainment.