How To Rank With The Help Of Your Visitors

The visitors that come to read your content are important in more ways than one, yes it is great that your content is getting read, that is important to any site owner, and of course buying products through you is also amazing, but why are they important when its about how to rank with the search engines?

The more your site ranks in the search engines, the better chance of more traffic, which of course means more visitors and the possibility of more sales. What your readers do while they are on your site can help your rankings and the more they do this, the more it helps your rankings and the more traffic that flows, it is like a snowball effect.

Sharing Your Opinion

Whenever I write a blog post or any content that I share online, it is weaved together with my opinions, no matter what the subject, it is always from my perspective. Anyone who reads my content also has an opinion, and if they share their opinion whilst they are on my site using the comments area of any post or page, then they not only have their say, but they help the website owner with their rankings.

This is only true though if the comments left are of good quality, things like “great post” do not really help and give no real quality in terms of feedback. Questions are always a good thing to ask within a comment, as are leaving honest opinions, even if the opinion differs from that of the author, that does not matter, it is about engagement.

Sharing Is Caring

The world has become very interactive with all the different social media platforms online and when people engage by commenting and sharing content its like saying thank you to the author for their efforts in creating their content and website.

When we share we not only help the website owner, but also give others the opportunity to enjoy the content they have created. You will see share buttons on most websites now and they are there for a reason, to encourage the readers to share what they have read. There are also comment sections on most websites, especially blogs where there are regular posts added, they are an invitation for the readers to interact with the author, ask questions and leave opinions.

What Do You Want?

You can also use the comment section to let the website owner know what you want to read about on their site, this helps them to help you. If there is something that you want to know about, then it is the perfect opportunity to let them know by leaving a comment.

Even if they have covered it in a previous post, at least they can point you to that post, or write an updated post just for you. The comment section is there for you the readers, “ask and you shall receive”.