How To Make Easy Money The Hard Way

This is a little story of how to make easy money online the hard way, which is how I did it when I first turned to the internet in search of my fortune. Just so you know, I failed miserably, but I did find out the right way to make it work, and it wasn’t how it was promised to me, quite the opposite.

It is not always easy to admit you are wrong, and it is pretty hard to share your failures with those that are close to you, let alone the world. I share this story so that you can avoid the same sharks that still infest the deep internet waters lurking to attack those that even show the smallest of interest in their plastic dreams.

Missing The Obvious

One of the first things we all do when we come online in search of changing our lives is to pop in a search “How to make money online”, or something very similar and we get a massive response in terms of choice. Although the choice now is a little different to back when I first put in that search term, these days there are plenty of survey sites and even bingo and games sites, as opposed to the so called Internet Marketing Gurus back then selling their dreams.

I cannot remember the number of results returned in Google when I first searched, but today there are over half a billion results, good luck with sorting through that lot  One thing you will find is that there are some legit sites that will share with you the right route to success online. You still have to watch out for those that are not as legit and are just looking for a quick buck from selling garbage.

Anyway, back then I found a few blogs that were similar to this one in respect that they were explaining what they have done and what works and what does not work. Through one of these blogs I ended up joining an online program that taught the process of building a business online.

The program was called ‘The Niche Blogger‘ and was run by Amy Bass, it had a twelve month classroom type platform with text and videos to give that over the shoulder feel. There was a monthly cost, or you could upgrade to lifetime membership which saved you a little money over the year, which is what I did.

[I would recommend ‘The Niche Blogger’ and I am still a member because I bought lifetime membership, but I think Amy has moved on and the community that did exist seem to have left home too. The lessons are all still there, although I would imagine a lot of it is out of date now, and the place is like a ghost town, which is a shame.]

I followed the lessons and built several blog type websites which I created a lot of content for and things were going well, until after about six months I got fed up because I had not made any money. So I started looking at other ways to make money, I needed something easier, we all do, right!

I missed the obvious and moved on.

The Multi Level Menace

It was a true menace too, although we all know it as Multi Level Marketing (MLM), that easy way to riches online. I know that some people make money with MLM, but the majority do not make a bean, and I was one of those in the majority.

The thing is it sounded so easy and there was so much money to be made in such a short space of time, I just had to get involved. So I dived in and joined my first opportunity which cost me $3000, I know I was not mucking about, I was serious and after all they were going to give me all the training I needed to be a Rock Star online.

This was with ‘My Internet Biz‘ which later became ‘Your Net Biz‘ and I wonder why it changed its name? I don’t have to wonder for long, all I know is that it did not deliver its promises and not because I did not work hard, but because unless you are a Wizard at getting other people to join you in this business, then you are dead in the water, and their training does not turn you into a Wizard.

Although they had some products that you got access to and could sell on, they were basic Private Label Rights (PLR) ebooks that were trash. The real so called opportunity was to sell the opportunity or should I say “The Dream”. I know I was stupid, naive, wet behind the ears, crazy, what ever you want to call it, I had been a fool and been taken for 3 large ones.

I did not learn my lesson either because I went onto to join several others, the main one being ‘Ashmax’ Which was an umbrella to two MLM opportunities that I have reviewed in other posts and they are ‘Freeway To Success‘ and ‘Global Domains International‘ and I got involved with this opportunity from a few people I met in ‘My Internet Biz’, people I thought I could trust.

To cut a long story short I lost my mind, OOPS! That was a song from the eighties  Although it was close to the truth, but anyway, it was pretty much the same, you had to recruit people to join and then you would be a millionaire. Surprise, surprise, the same result was returned, but at least it did not cost me anywhere near the same amount of money, in fact it was only about $25 to join the trio of companies.

Believe it or not that consumed more that a year of my life and a chunk of my savings and I was left frustrated and angry, but I was not going to give up.

The Return Of The Blog

Once I had stopped feeling sorry for myself and licked my wounds, I forgot about searching for making money online opportunities and I instead went in search of finding out how to build a business online. This time I did not jump into bed with the first great looking opportunity that popped up in front of me, no I was not going to get fleeced again.

After a lot of research which led me down a road of ecommerce, I ended up joining Ebay and commenced with building a business selling clothing. I knew that I would not make any sales without some feedback, so I sold some of my own items that I did not want to get feedback before I jumped in and bought my first shipment of clothes.

Over the next six months I got some good results and made some good money, although some days were good, others were not, I had to build and get more stock, the more I had to sell the more likely I would sell everyday. The trouble is that I realized that I was moving away from my dream.

I wanted to build a business online that would help others and that I could run from anywhere in the world, I wanted the work anywhere with a laptop and internet connection scenario. Ebay was not going to provide that because I had to keep stock and post that stock whenever I sold anything, so it tied me down to a base. I made the decision to sell what stock I had and pursue my real dream, so it was back to the drawing board.

[Just so you know, if you are not after the work anywhere scenario, and you do not mind working from a base, then Ebay is a great way to build an online business, just do your research and pick the right suppliers, build it slowly and reinvest your profits to build your stock. It is important to give good customer service because your feedback can make or break you.]

So I was kind of back at square one and initially I revived the old blogs I had created back in ‘The Niche Blogger’ days, but I soon realized that I had created these blogs around subjects that I was no longer interested in and I didn’t think that was a good plan moving forward with something that didn’t excite me.

I sat down and decided on my subjects or niches as they are known, I only needed a couple as I did not want to spread myself over too many projects, this time I was going to focus and stick with it because I now know that if I had stuck with those original blogs and not given up I would have seen the success I wanted, but I got shiny object syndrome and shot myself in the foot, I missed the obvious.

I was pretty much starting again, but I was now equipped with some experience, most of which I had learnt the hard way. I knew there was no way to make easy money online and that I had to build a business over time, put in the work and stick with it.

I knew how to build websites and many other techniques that go into building an online business, but I also knew that things move fast on the internet and some of what I knew would be out of date or now done a different way. I needed to refresh my knowledge and although I could do this by picking up information here and there across the internet, it seemed a better idea to find one strong fountain of knowledge, a hub that would give me everything I needed to follow the right path.

I got lucky and found Wealthy Affiliate, this was a lot like ‘The Niche Blogger’, but a more modern version with a better learning platform and a great community that had a large percentage of success stories. I knew I was in the right place  and I began to build my business from scratch.

I was able to glide through most of the training because I had experience, but they really do accommodate all levels of skills, from the beginner to the more season marketer, and I turned out to be right about how things had changed since my previous blog days and building websites, which saved me a lot of time.

The Future Is Bright

This brings me up to the present day and although I have not yet made my fortune, things are moving well and I am building a real online business that gives me the freedom to work from anywhere I want. I have support anytime I want it from a great community made up of like minded people and I am having fun.

There are not that many people who can say they enjoy their work, and who can work when they decide, where they decide. I went through the mill and although a lot of it was my own stupidity, I refused to give in and came out the other side and found the real deal.

I can see that all the work I have done since I got my act together is starting to pay off, and the future really is bright, I just wish I had not wasted so much time, but I guess we all make mistakes and failure is just a stepping stone to success that makes us stronger and more determined.

I was chasing dreams and got caught up in the easy money mentality, and all the time I was just travelling further away from what I really wanted. My advise to you if you are looking to build a business online is build the right foundation and then construct your business from there with the right training, don’t look for the easy way out, it does not exist and normally ends up being the long hard road of knocks that will suck you in and spit you out leaving you weak and deflated.

I hope you enjoyed my story, it is not glamorous and it did hurt, but I survived and I am now making it work. Lend me your thoughts by leaving a comment below, and if you have had a similar experience, then why not share it below too.