How To Get Traffic For Your Website Fast

It is a time tested proven technique that creating good quality original content regularly will get your site ranked in the search engines and in turn bring plenty of visitors, so it is important to always follow that rule. But do you know how to get traffic for your website fast, at the drop of a hat, instant visitors to your site, product or offer?

If not, then I am going to tell you how I do it, and the best thing is that you can turn this traffic on and off like a tap. You may be wondering why once you turned it on, you would turn it off again, I will share that with you too.

I Need Website Traffic

That is a popular statement with online marketing, you have a good website, or product, you have some great offers to share, but you just do not have the amount of visitors to make an impact. I have heard many people say that if only they could crack the traffic secret, then they would have a great business, because no traffic means no business, it is that simple.

I like many others have been in that position and searched the internet for the answer, only to end up buying a lot of different programs and courses that teach the secret to getting traffic. The problem is that they are pretty much all the same and the main techniques are to create quality content using carefully selected keywords that have a good amount of searches per month, but low competition; use social media, forums, solo ads and so on.

All good techniques that work, but we already know them, and we also know that although they work well, they can take a little time to bear the fruit. We then have the Pay Per Click, Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads among others, which again work well, but can take a while to master, and through trial and error can be costly.

Instant Traffic

I have already written about one Traffic Platform and you may be wondering why I am writing about it again, mainly for awareness, and because I have been using it for longer now and it is working well. It does cost money, but the rates are very reasonable. It does convert, but not at anything crazy like 30 percent, in fact I would say on average it is around 2 percent. I know that sounds low, but it works out for me around $0.40 per person that either signs up to my list, becomes a referral or buys a product, so it is worth it.

The good thing is that because you can turn the traffic on and off, you can test different times of the day and night that you get the best response. I also have 2 or 3 of the same campaigns running, but with different keywords, this lets me know which keywords are performing better. Its easy to use too, just name your campaign, pop in the URL where you want the traffic sent, enter a limit if you do not want to use all your hits at once and enter up to 10 different keywords, then switch it on.

The visitors literally start arriving within a couple of minutes and you can then monitor or set and forget. There is a traffic breakdown page for each campaign you have running so that you can see how long the visitor stayed, where they went, or what pages they visited, which is useful and I have checked it against my analytics software, it matches.

One thing I have found useful is that if you have an offer that is only going to last for a few hours or days, this is a great way to get traffic to it fast. I recently used it for a Black Friday campaign and I got some good results, better than social media or blogging.

The Best For Traffic

Is this the best paid traffic resource available? Probably not, but it is cheap, easy and has shown results. I do use Pay Per click and although I have got results it has been a bit hit and miss, and more expensive. I have tried Facebook Ads without much success, but that is probably because I have not mastered it enough to get results. I have not tried Twitter Ads, so I can’t comment on them at present, although it is something that I will try in the future.

The best thing for me is the ease and control, and of course the small price to pay for instant visitors to where ever I want them to go. If you want the same ease and control without it costing you the earth, then I would go take a look and give it a try and hopefully you will get the same if not better results than me.