Do You Block Pop Ups?

You may of may not know what these are, although I would imagine that anyone that uses the internet would have come across them at some point or another, I will give a short description of them, but the question is .. Do You Block Pop Ups?

It would be great to get your answers and your thoughts about these little forms that suddenly appear on your screen in the comment sections at the end of this post.

What Is A Pop Up?

These are pages that suddenly appear on your screen without your control, unless of course you have a blocker that stops them invading your screen. Most of the time they are a small page that appears in front of the content you are viewing, although there are some that flash up so quickly that you may not even see them and then sit behind your current page, and you do not always know they are there until you drop or quit your browser.

They are used on a whole for advertising or as an optin form to invite you to subscribe to the website you are viewing at the time for more information and updates. They normally appear after a certain amount of seconds, or on exit of the website, there are many different types and sizes, from in your face middle of the screen, to a small discreet slide in box from the bottom right of your screen.

Some will disappear after a couple of seconds, others have a little close or x to let you get rid of them, some will go if you click on any other part of the screen, but there are those that seem impossible to get rid of, and have no obvious sign of getting rid without leaving the website.

Here’s one I prepared earlier (only for the purpose of this post) ..

Should You Add One To Your Website?

Website owners use these little pop ups to help their businesses, they are just another tool that aids in growing the business and getting more customers via there email list, after all the ultimate definition of business is to get customers, without them there is no business.

But do they work?

Many webmasters say they do work and after adding one to their website have seen a significant increase in new subscribers to their lists, but there may be a price to pay.

Before writing this post I asked around twenty people whether they liked pop ups when surfing the web, and the answer was an massive NO. I was not expecting anyone to say they loved them, but rather that they were a little annoyed by them. Which is the main result I got, apart from 4 people who really let me know just how much they hate them, they were passionate about the sheer annoyance of these little demons invading their computer screens.

There are people that will never visit a website again if they were ‘Popped Up On’ when they visited it the first time, that may be food for thought if you are thinking of installing one on your site.

To Pop Or Not To Pop?

Is it really worth adding one of these little screen invaders to your site? I only asked twenty people, and they all said they did not like them, with twenty percent expressing a real hate for them, and that is by no means a large scale survey, which is why I want you to give me your opinion below in the comments section.

Even though mine was a mini survey, the result was a unanimous one and the presence of a pop up on a website seems to be a negative experience for most people. The point to any business is to establish a good relationship with the people that experience the business, everyone of them is a potential customer and as a business owner you want to serve your customers.

This means that you would not deliberately try to annoy them by shoving an unwanted screen in their face when they are checking out your business. I guess that kind of answers the question of whether or not to put one of these little monsters on your site or not.

My Thoughts

My aim with this post is to get your feedback and thoughts about Pop Ups, so it only seems right that I start the ball rolling by giving you my personal thoughts on these little screen invaders.

I am with the twenty people that I asked before writing this post, in the fact that I do get a little annoyed when I am visiting a site and have just started reading when out of the blue another little screen pops up and prevents me from continuing with what I was doing, GRrrr 


There may be a place for these little Pop Stars if done the right way. I think it is a little to intrusive to have the bang out of the blue, in your face, annoying little screen appear before you when you are happily going about your business online, so may be those ones are a no no for me.

However, if someone is about to leave a website, then I do not see the problem of an exit pop up, the visitor has seen all they want to see and are on their way, so there is nothing wrong with a gentle reminder to invite them to subscribe to your newsletter or the like.

As for the little discreet boxes that slide in from an area on the screen that does not prevent you from continuing with what you are doing, again there is no real harm, and although they may still annoy some people, I think most of us can live with them.

Would I use a Pop Up?

I may use an exit one, but at the moment that is as far as I would go, so if one of those screen monsters appears on this site, it wasn’t me 

For the record and addressing the title question, YES, I do block pop ups.