Do You Block Pop Ups?

Obviously the title “What is the Answer?” could be referring to anything, which makes it impossible to answer, but you could take a guess that it is referring to making money online as that is what this website is all about, and you would be right.

Although what I am going to talk about in this post actually refers to any business or any aspect of life and how simple it is to experience massive success in anything you do in life. A big statement, but it does make sense when you actually see the big picture.

One Thing

What if I told you that by doing one thing, you could experience all the success you desired in anything you do. Could it really be that simple though?

Well, we are about to find out!

I did not come up with this technique, but I have recently learned about it and thought it would be a good idea to share it with you. It comes from Gary Keller and Jay Papasan and is concentrated in a book they call ‘The One Thing’

How To Get Extraordinary Results

When it comes to business, we all want to get great results and this book breaks down how to focus on one thing to get extraordinary results. The authors explain how we all do too much of the unimportant things in our everyday work life to the expense of the most important things, which is why those that get the best results are in the minority.

If we can identify the most important thing we should be doing in our business to get the results we want, then it would simplify our workday if that is what gets the lions share of our attention. This is not to say that the other stuff should be ignored completely, but its about setting precedence about what is really important.

The book lays out a system that if followed will produce the extraordinary results it is talking about, and it really does make sense, I mean it is like one of those AHA moments. It is not difficult to implement either, you don’t have to be a genius to understand that this is a real practical way of achieving our goals.

The Power Of Will

I am not one to write out lengthy ‘To Do Lists’ But I have always understood their importance in getting things done. May be I was wrong and I think you may agree when you read how this book explains the dark side of these sometimes endless lists.

Another thing that I found interesting was the section on willpower, we all have it, but did you know that it is not a endless energy that we can tap into at any time. It actually depletes as the day goes on, although it can be topped up. This understanding gives another insight on how to get the real important things done in your day to day work, it explains that you need to get these things done first, before your willpower reserves get too low.

I found this section especially helpful as it gives such a different perspective on willpower, I can see that if used this way then it will not only help in our work lives, but also in understanding how to kick bad habits in our personal life.

Become More Productive

I have used the system laid out in the book to become more productive in my online business, which is really just a collection of questions that leads you to the most important thing in your business that needs the most attention. This will then lead to getting even better results.

The most important thing in this section of my business, meaning this website is of course sharing content that will help my visitors to create and build a successful online business for themselves. But to accomplish this goal, the most important thing that I have to concentrate on is traffic generation.

I could spend all day everyday just creating content, which in itself will generate some traffic and help some people, but the point is to get my content to the masses and help even more people. So after going through and answering the collection of questions in the book, it led me to the traffic generation conclusion, and my priority has shifted somewhat to previously.

Knowledge Is Powerful

We have all heard that knowledge is power, but it is only powerful if we use it, there is no point in learning and gaining knowledge if it sits in our minds idle and never gets used, that takes all the power out of the knowledge. I love learning new things, especially things that will improve my business, which in turn I can share with others to help them with their businesses.

I have read many business books and I can honestly say that The ONE Thing has shot to the top of my ‘Best Books List’. This book quite literally has had more impact than any other I have read before, and it really is so simple. I have never read a book that makes so much sense, this book should be a must read at every school, in fact it should be the basis of a whole subject in all schools.

The authors say that all those that have experienced extraordinary results in life have understood and practiced this method and used the one thing to get those results. I am not sure how accurate that is, but looking back on some of the top business people that I have studied over the years, I can see what they are saying because they have all concentrated on one thing.

I recently created a page on this site titled ‘Top Books’ the books I have added are all books that my mentors have recommended me to read, and although I had read a few of them, my plan was to go through the list and read them all. So it is my  reading list, which I thought would be good to share on this site, ‘The One Thing’ is part of that list and the reason why I have recently read it, I am glad I did.

What is your one thing that you need to concentrate on? What books have you read that you would recommend? I would love to hear your answers to these questions below in the comments section.