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Top Internet Niches

If you have taken note of my last blog post and are Planning for the New year, and if you have decided that your plan will involve building an online business, then you will more than likely be thinking about what the top internet niches are for your new business.

As you can imagine, there are literally thousands of niches and sub niches that you can choose from, but it is not always best to go for a niche that you think will bring in the most money. It is better to look at it from a different perspective and choose a niche that you will be comfortable with and can relate to.

The Big Niches

The big ones are probably the most profitable, and these include the weight loss market (analysis 2018), the dating market, the health and fitness market, loan partner sites, and of course the make money online …

Increase Traffic To Your Website

If you want to increase traffic to your website, and lets face it, who doesn’t, then you have to widen your horizons and experiment a little. All website owners want more traffic, enough is never enough, we always want that little bit more, and for good reason, because the more visitors, the more potential sales.

How to increase a website traffic can seem like a never ending search, and we all want to know how those millionaire marketers get so much of it, they make it look so easy, when we know that it is a hard slog. So how do the traffic wealthy seem to get it so easily?

Lessons In Traffic

There are many ways to get traffic to your website and most techniques that we have learnt do work, but it can take time and patience. We are told about many different ways including the following ..…

The Consistent Pattern Of Success

I was inspired to write this post through my own learning, I am studying a course about success in all aspects of life, from our health and finances to relationships and happiness and I thought I would share something that makes so much sense, yet many of us fail to recognize it or just plain ignore it. It relates to all the different aspects of our lives and if we take note of it, and practice it, then we will enjoy a consistent pattern of success in all that we do.

This is based on how the majority of us go about the things we want to do in life or achieve in life, as opposed to what we should be doing in order to get and achieve what we want in life.

How To Avoid Success

There are of course exceptions to the rule, but I think you will recognize …

The Number One How To Succeed In Business Rule

It’s a long title I know, and it is actually inspired by a quote from a pretty famous person that knows what the number one how to succeed in business rule is, he put it a little different, but he was talking about business. I believe that it applies to any kind of business, whether it is online or off line.

The person I am talking about is Warren Buffett, who is a world famous investor and one of the richest men in the world, so I guess he knows what he is talking about when it comes to succeeding. The quote is ..

“Rule No.1: Never Lose Money. Rule No.2: Never Forget Rule No.1.”

Two Rules To Riches

Now Warren Buffett is an investor and those are his only two rules to be a success in his trade, they have obviously worked well for him over the years. The …

How To Make Easy Money The Hard Way

This is a little story of how to make easy money online the hard way, which is how I did it when I first turned to the internet in search of my fortune. Just so you know, I failed miserably, but I did find out the right way to make it work, and it wasn’t how it was promised to me, quite the opposite.

It is not always easy to admit you are wrong, and it is pretty hard to share your failures with those that are close to you, let alone the world. I share this story so that you can avoid the same sharks that still infest the deep internet waters lurking to attack those that even show the smallest of interest in their plastic dreams.

Missing The Obvious

One of the first things we all do when we come online in search of changing our lives is …