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Create Your Blog Free

Blogging is one of the best ways to make some money online and you can create your blog free, which means that you can actually start an online business without spending any money upfront. If you are not sure how to create a blog, then don’t sweat because it couldn’t be easier.

You can literally have a website up and running in minutes from now, and be on your way to building a real business online, and you will even be shown each step, fully explained via a video tutorial, just like looking over an experts shoulder.

The Process

The actual process is very simple, but first you will learn how to make money online, just what it takes and how it is really done. Then you can think about what your blog will be about, the niche that you will pursue, and the information to help you understand how …

How To Rank With The Help Of Your Visitors

The visitors that come to read your content are important in more ways than one, yes it is great that your content is getting read, that is important to any site owner, and of course buying products through you is also amazing, but why are they important when its about how to rank with the search engines?

The more your site ranks in the search engines, the better chance of more traffic, which of course means more visitors and the possibility of more sales. What your readers do while they are on your site can help your rankings and the more they do this, the more it helps your rankings and the more traffic that flows, it is like a snowball effect.

Sharing Your Opinion

Whenever I write a blog post or any content that I share online, it is weaved together with my opinions, no matter what the subject, …

The Blog Post

A blog is all about activity, it is about creating fresh content on a regular basis and encouraging interaction from those that get to read it. The expectation of the blog reader is to find fresh content, and if they get this they will return again and again, but if they don’t, then it is adios my friend. So what is the blog post?

This is what you are reading now, it is similar to the time line on many social media platforms for the simple reason it gets updated regularly.

The Blog

A blog will have a front page that changes all the time because it is made up of posts that are for ever moving position.

I am writing this now, and it is known as a blog post because it will be published on the front page of this site and will become the top post on …

Simple Blogging Tips

The common known blog started out life as an online journal, a personal account of an individuals life. But things have changed and blogging is now big business, so here are my simple blogging tips to get you started and on track to build your blog into an online blockbuster.

The best thing about blogging is that what you produce on your blog is always there for people to read and enjoy in the future, unless of course you take it down yourself.  So what you produce is kind of important if you want to build a business from your blog, because a successful blog does take some work, just the very nature of a blog is to keep it updated, and that means writing and producing new content.

So I am going to share a few things that in my opinion are a must if you want your blog …