A Work At Home Business

Sounds great, a work at home business, and it is easy to jump in on any opportunity without doing the right research, and this is why so many people come online to make money, only to never make a dime. Too many times it is made to sound easy and the lure of the overnight riches can be to strong to resist.

This is a post ‘Just For You’, all of you that know it is possible to make it online, but have either had your fingers burnt or are to freaked out by all the horror stories to actually take action, in fact it is for anyone that just wants to get the low down on this Internet Lifestyle thingy that we have all heard so much about.

Easy Money

The Internet is full of programs, courses and systems that claim to make you money overnight, they sound exciting and easy, and on the surface they are, the trouble is that they do not produce any results. They sound too good to be true and they are, but it is very easy to get carried away and jump in before doing any real research.

I have done it and I am sure there are plenty of people that will read this post that have done it also, and those of you that have not done it, don’t do it, take notice and give them a wide berth because all they will do is drain your pockets and waste your time. Making it work online is an easy process, there is work involved, but it is not hard work, it just has to be consistent work.

The bottom line is that you will need at least one website that has original quality content on it in a niche that you enjoy (financial websites-services bring good profits. For example, residents of Chicago can apply online for a short term (payday) loan directly from home on “24Biz-Chicago”, etc.) and are passionate about, although that is not mandatory. To make any money and build a real business there is one ingredient that you will not be able to do without, and that is traffic.

If Amazon, Ebay, Google, Facebook and any of the other online giants did not get any traffic, then they would not make any money, it is that simple. Traffic produces money, and the more traffic, the more money, this is the number one thing you will need to make any money.

What You May Be Thinking

There are a number of things that go through our minds when we are looking to go online to make money, and equally there are things in our lives that are the reason why we are looking to go online to make money.

Here are a few things that might bring us online in search of making money…

  • Tired of financial situation
  • Fed up with working hard for little money
  • Want more free time to spend with family etc
  • Freedom to choose own schedule
  • Want to travel more
  • Better house, car or standard of living
  • Want to stop living hand to mouth
  • Just want more freedom and choice

Seems like they can all be fixed with more money, it always comes down to money 🙂

So we can establish why anyone would want to come online to make more money, but what goes through our minds when we start to investigate this whole idea of an Internet Lifestyle?

  • Heard so many bad things about it (scams)
  • Tried before and it didn’t work out (just lost money)
  • Fear of all the technical stuff
  • Worried about what family and friends will think
  • Afraid of losing money
  • No support form partner
  • Don’t know where to start or who to trust

We are all skeptical of things that we are not familiar with and all anyone wants it to just find something or someone that will just be honest and help them to find the right way to do things. It’s not much to ask for is it, well it would seem so, but do be assured that not everyone is out to relieve you of your cash, there are some that genuinely want to help.

Not everything is a scam and not everyone is out to rip you off.

What Made Me Get Started Online?

I came online in search of making money several years ago, and I was no different to any other person looking for an alternative lifestyle. I didn’t want to settle for the norm, I had ambition, but I didn’t like the way a traditional business sucked the time out of my life. I didn’t mind working hard, I just didn’t want to work more hours than I did anything else.

Here are my reasons for coming online…

  • I didn’t like what I was doing
  • I wanted more freedom and choice
  • I wanted more time for family and other interests
  • I wanted to ditch the traffic jams
  • I wanted to throw my alarm clock away (who likes them anyway)
  • I wanted to be able to travel and still earn
  • and of course I wanted to make more money

There were probably more, but I think these are the main reasons that brought me online, it just seemed like a better way to make money and live my life.

I tried a lot of things in the beginning, and got nowhere fast, I also got hit big financially with one opportunity that promised the lifestyle I was looking for, it was to the tune of $3000 and yes it hurt. After that I was even more skeptical, but I knew that it could be done and I was not going to give up.

I learnt the hard way and it took me a long time to start seeing results, and even when I did, they were not consistent results, but at least I got to the stage of making some money online and I was going to build on it. Eventually with persistence you do find the resources that you need to build a real online business.

What I Learnt

As you can imagine I have learnt a lot during my online journey and this is what this post and website is all about, if I can help others to avoid all the rip off merchants and build a real online business, then it will make the negative parts of my journey worthwhile. Because of my moments of despair and frustration at least I can prevent others having to go through the same, and also prevent them wasting their time and money.

Here is a list of things I have learnt…

Too Good To Be True: If it sounds too good to be true, then seriously it will be too good to be true. If an opportunity promises big money for little or no work, then run a mile.

Pay For It: If you have to pay up front for a membership without seeing at least some of what is on offer (and I don’t just mean a sales page or advertising), then it is for the most part not going to help you and I would spend time doing some more research or just move on.

Multi Level Marketing: If you can recruit like crazy and convince hundreds or thousands of people to join you in what is known as an MLM opportunity, then by all means go for it. But just remember that even if you can recruit most people cannot, and whilst you may be taking their money, they will not make any and will just be throwing their money down the drain, just think to yourself, is it really ethical?

If you are not great at getting people to join you in an MLM opportunity, then do not even consider it because you will not only lose money, you will not make a bean either. Anything that mentions a MATRIX, FORCED MARTIX or another multi level recruiting method, it ain’t worth it. I have tried them and that is why I know that not only is it not ethical, but only the few at the top really make any money.

High Cost Opportunities: There are those opportunities that will charge you several thousand just to join them, (remember I got taken for $3000) and then give you below par training, these are known as High Ticket Products and are not suited for those who are inexperienced online. You can get far better quality training from a low cost membership.

When you become an experienced Internet Marketer with a good following and plenty of traffic at your disposal, and of course are making good money, then some of these High Ticket Opportunities may add as another income stream.

Something For Nothing: On the other side of the coin, you cannot expect to start and build a business online without spending some money, any business has start up and running costs, it is just a lot less for an online business. The point is there are costs, but you don’t have to spend thousands to make it work.

You will need to pay for a Domain Name, Hosting, Autoresponders and other Business Tools that help you to run an online business, these are unavoidable if you want to progress online.

There are places you can go to get Training For Free, such as some membership sites as well as websites like this one, but do remember that a membership site that is offering training for free will provide just that, but there will come a time when you will exhaust the free training and will need to upgrade, but at least you will know through the quality of the free training whether or not it is worth upgrading and continuing at the next level.

The same goes for websites that offer free training and advice (including this one), you have to remember that although they offer training and advice without you having to reach for your credit card, they also have to make money, after all they are a business and they help others to build a business. All websites earn revenue and commissions from advertising and affiliated products.

Sticking With It: It is so easy to swap and change when you don’t see results straight away, this is known as ‘The Shiny Button’ syndrome, seeing another opportunity that sounds great and ditching what you are doing to swap. The problem is that this just keeps on repeating itself and you end up getting nowhere fast

The biggest and most important lesson I have learned is to stick with something, pick one thing and give it your full attention and focus, even when results are thin on the ground, stay with it, because persistence pays off in the end. I cannot stress this enough, I spent too long swapping and changing and just ended up getting frustrated and fed up at all the time I wasted with nothing to show for it.

I would have got results a lot quicker if I had just stuck with the first website and niche that I created, if I had focused and put all my effort into that one things, then I would have made it easier for myself.

No Difference

You and me are no different, I have shared the reasons why I got online in the first place, and the things I was worried about, and you probably share at least some of them, but the bottom line is that you are here reading this because you want to build a business online, and of course make some money.

I hope you can learn from the mistakes that I made and avoid the same pitfalls, and take note of the things I have learned on my journey. Do progress because making money online is not a myth, it really is possible for anyone to do and when it happens the feeling is out of this world. I am here to help and advise if you need me, but despite that, you are the only one that can take action and you are the only one that can do the work required and be persistent.

There is really only three steps to online success…

  1. Pick a Niche – A passion or interest that you can create content about.
  2. Build a Website – It is easier than you may think.
  3. Focus – Create content, share your content, learn and use SEO and just stay consistent with your website.

That is it, but it does not happen overnight, and there is work involved, but the rewards are great.

I will say it again because it is the most important thing you will learn ‘Pick one thing, focus on it and stick with it until you see results‘.

Once you have got results you can then think about branching out into other things online, or other interests, but get that one thing working for you first. Have I made my point? 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has been of value to you, if you have any questions or comments, then do please pop them below and I will reply as soon as possible. I appreciate your views. One last thing, you can do this, so go for it and Get Started Below…