A Powerful Tool Has Just Arrived

They have done it again, brand new out of the box and into the Wealthy Affiliate toolbox comes the new domain registration feature. It is exciting and brings another part of website building under the one roof, making life easier for all the WA members.

This was the one thing that was missing in the website building experience at WA and some members did let them know about it, and they took note. Although it was something that they did intend to add, it has taken a while to come about, but they did not rush into it and developed it how they wanted it to work and it fits into their platform seamlessly.

The All New Domain Registration

This means that all members can now purchase their domain names directly through Wealthy Affiliate, install WordPress to those domain names and build out there site directly inside the WA dashboard through their free hosting.

No more dealing with domain registration companies with endless upsells that are not only annoying, but can cost you money if you do not understand that the things they are trying to upsell you on are not needed, or if you are not vigilant enough to uncheck the boxes for the numorous upsells.

The new domain feature inside WA has no such upsells, just search for a suitable domain name inside the new feature, purchase it and go directly to the site builder to install WordPress and your new website is up and running. It really is great news and a big bonus to all new members because once they join Wealthy Affiliate, there really is everything in one place to build an online business.

Brand New

This is so new that Kyle and Carson the owners of WA have not even announced it yet, a member noticed the new feature and blogged about it inside the members area. Both Kyle and Carson commented in that post and explained how they will be officially launching it very soon, and updating the training to accommodate it. You could tell they were just as excited as their members with this great new feature.

They also announced that there will be more new features coming, not sure what they are, but it shows that they are not sitting still, but keep pushing forward and improving the WA platform to make it easier and more helpful for their members.

Below are some graphics from the new domain feature tour ..

A Powerful Domain Tool 1
A Powerful Domain Tool 2
A Powerful Domain Tool 3
A Powerful Domain Tool- 4
A Powerful Domain Tool 5

I am sure you can see how good this new feature looks, it is certainly a lot more straight forward than the domain registration companies I have come across , and best of all no trying to sell you on other services you do not need.